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Would you die for your friends? That is the choice Micah must face when an ancient evil destroys his city. He can either journey to his homeland, or seek help with his friends in a place he is not welcome. Soon he finds out that he may be the key to defeating the monster that threatens his world. How can he prevail against a power so fierce? Who are the Aviya? Do the answers lie in the inviting glow of a mysterious orb in a cave? Join them in their quest of peril, friendship, and love as good and evil clash in an epic battle.

Zanthia: The Shadowed Army

The Second Great War is over, and Micah is adjusting to his new life in Zanthia, but it is soon shattered by the appearance of a mysterious cloaked man. Matters are complicated even more when he finds out it was his mistakes that brought this enemy forth. Who is he? What is he? And why does he look exactly like Micah?Join Micah and his friends as they follow this new enemy across the sea to the land of the Aviya. Everything is on the line as they try to unravel these mysteries and save everyone from a menace more threatening than Nero, the Tyrant of Death.

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