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Sarah Scheele (Readers’ Favorite)
Nicklous Adams II spins a lovely, sensory tale. The lands and peoples of Zanthia take hold like a gentle vine twining around your senses and leave you hungry for the next installment. Each human race was created from a mythological creature–Levithians from the dragons, Wynsorians from the gryphons, and Xiana from the phoenix–and the architecture and landscapes stemming from each culture’s affiliation are detailed, presenting lush variety and contrast. The mythology of the world is structured and logical, the journeys of the heroes progress in natural, sympathetic arcs, and the tension of human interactions (especially Micah’s complex romantic feelings for his Aviya instructor) lend an emotional depth that makes this more than just another fantasy novel. Don’t hesitate to get this one–you’ll be glad you did.

HeyyAjj (Instagram)
Wow! Nicklous Adam’s II packed so much adventure, lore, and character development in so well. You met the characters you watched them and their relationships grow! Often times I catch myself backing up and rereading to understand who is who and where is where but not this one. Zanthia brought you into a new world and I felt like I have known it my entire life. My heart pounded as swords clashed. I am looking forward to adding the rest of this series to my collection!!

the.fictional.brunette (Instagram) I really enjoyed this ya fantasy. I adore the storyline and Zanthia. The author has definitely created a world and characters that you care about, while keeping things interesting and at a good pace. There are scary creatures, intrigue, a prophecy, and a war for the world. I love Micah and how his character is developed throughout the book. Beating Nero and the Krazul army seems impossible and even after insurmountable loss, they keep pressing on.
This book has magic, phoenix, gryphons, dragons, epic battles, and real friendship. I can’t wait to see how the relationships grow and the races unite to win the war or not ……I don’t know…….. I will definitely be checking out book 2. 🖤

Zanthia: The Shadowed Army

HeyAjj (Instagram)
Nicklous Adam’s II had me stressing with these battles. I loved the method taken to explain more history on races and this world! Again easy to follow and understand but not overwhelming. Put my girl through the ringer in this one as well, playing with my heart too much here!! Again very impressed and looking forward to the continued future of these characters!!

Maria Victoria Beltran (Readers’ Favorite)
An action-packed fantasy epic that will leave any reader breathless. With a well-defined character, complete with strengths and flaws, it is easy to connect with our hero Micah. The story flows ever so smoothly so that it is easy to follow the plot’s numerous twists and turns, as Micah and his friends go across the sea to Aviya in pursuit of their elusive enemy. The author’s fertile imagination is beautifully matched with a gift for words and considerable storytelling skills.

Steven Robson (Readers’ Favorite)
Nicklous P Adams II has created a story of wonderful adventure and imagination, one that plunges the reader into worlds both rich and wondrous. These worlds are populated by humans and creatures of great diversity, with matching personalities that are accurate and consistent. The relationships were nicely woven, particularly between the main players Micah and Akyri, and Tristan and Saphyre. This was especially evident during times when the couples were separated and under duress. In addition, the introduction of the seven levels of existence, and the conflicts within these other levels, provides ample scope for future adventures. This is a story that will engage those interested in adventure, romance, action, and mystery on a grand scale. A very good adventure.

Zanthia : Adonai’s War

Foluso Falaye (Readers’ Favorite) Adams II has written an impressively creative book, action-packed, profound, greatly engrossing, and emotionally moving. The beautiful worldbuilding and all the fantastical creatures and elements are so much fun to explore. I was completely captivated by the idea that Micah has a powerful creature inside him that could be harnessed by or destructive to its host. Also, I liked that the antagonist is made quite formidable and intimidating and described as fast and precise with his strikes. The well-described action is intense and would be great in a movie. Readers will be hooked in by the interesting mix of themes: coexistence, war, politics, vengeance, unrequited love, magic, loss, family, resilience, and more. If the other books in the series are this amazing, it would be a sin to miss them as a fantasy fan. I can’t wait to find out!

Pikasho Deka (Readers’ Favorite) Adonai’s War is as epic as epic fantasy gets. Fans of books like The Lord of the Rings should rejoice. Nicklous Adams II’s Adonai’s Prophecy trilogy provides you with yet another sprawling world with a plethora of magical creatures to delve into. The characters are fleshed out, with backstories that add a lot of depth to their personalities. You can’t help but root for Micah, Tristan, Akyri, and Saphyre as they prepare for battle. I also enjoyed the minor characters such as Dacan, Tomas, and Kyra. The battle scenes are cinematically described and so clear that you can picture them in your mind. Check out Adonai’s Prophecy if you’re looking for an epic fantasy series with grand battle sequences.

The world of Zanthia, brought to you by the Creator and gifted through me.

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