Inky Thoughts

As I stared at the blank pages, searching for things to write, it was you who always came to the forefront of my mind. Whether it was wondering what you were doing, or if you were alright, you constantly crept into my thoughts like a thief in the night.

Words began to cascade on paper by pen, all about you and how I felt within. To verbalize on how I feel, I could never begin, but you are forever on my mind and will be til the end.

Unspoken thoughts translated with ink, my emotions filled the page faster than you could blink. I reread my thoughts of you as tears threatened to leak and I realized they were only a hint of the things I think.

I could never tell you all the things that I wrote, because a future together is a distant hope. So, my feelings for you will stay in this note, and I will see you in my dreams where our spirits can elope.

6 thoughts on “Inky Thoughts

  1. Sometimes it’s easier for people to write it down instead of putting themselves out there. Better out than in. Great work once again.

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