A Beautiful Love

She thought of their love as art, in its rawest form. Like strokes brushed from a pallet of vibrant colors and how it was layered like the shading of a simple yet deep sketch. Their love was a smooth song, filled with imagery from every note sang or tune strummed from an instrument. It was a beautiful serenade, captured and painted exquisitely on a canvas for all to see and be awed by.

She thought of the dark nights snuggled together, when the storms heartbeat thundered into their ears and it’s pulse lit the sky in bright, rhythmic flashes. The storm gave their romance life, she thought, or maybe their romance brought the storm upon them. All she knew was, in those moments, as the rains’ melody of pitter patter against the window brought a sense of calmness, she was safe and secure in his arms.

She would do anything for him. Things so nonsensical, it could only be done because of love. She would give her life as he would give his for her. Both, passing into the afterlife to meet God and live in an eternal heaven only to shake its very foundation with the power of their undying love. Their devotion to one another only surpassed by their devotion to the Most High.

Yes, she knew their love was great, powerful, extraordinary, even a bit dangerous, and wild, and she relished every moment of it. Every second spent in the world, soaking up the love he gave her, and giving him all the love she had. For she saw the relationship of others, and she refused to let society, old pains from ex lovers, and miscommunication poison them. They endured all.

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