The Creator creatively created me to succeed amongst my enemies.

Tribal melodies actively activating melanated memories of the sun, earth, and seas.

It seems, my senses have been heightened, like a blind devil that dares the dark, but walks in the light.

So, tonight I will transcend the plight you shackled me in using the might of Gideon that the Most High has given.

Because, I’m uplifted but vicious, my minds been shifted and lifted, ripped apart then mended.

Third eye sight is bright and stupendous, no longer upended by your offensive offenses.

Offended by our differences, while enlisting our innocents and death is the sentence.

Listen, this isn’t meant to be captivating.

I’m craftily trying to create cavities in the archaic system that has us in captivity.

I’m physically draining and erasing the powers that be, by seeking justice like the league to make it safe for my seeds.

I will no longer beg and plead to appease your mental psyche or privileged security.

As you insecurely secure your impure thoughts with your temporal wants, which lead to memorable plots.

While visionaries envision a vision of undivision and ascension to a new dimension of livin’.

In the end, you won’t win because we are greater than your sin.

I’ve been dabbling in poetry/spoken word lately. I’m clearly nowhere near a poet, yet… It’s the cadence and rhythm that throws me off. But, I want to become versed in multiple forms of writing. Let me know what you think about post in the comment section.

6 thoughts on “Anointed

  1. That first line pulled me in! From there I knew it was going to be good. You’ve truly come a long way in your writing! I am excited to see where this takes you!

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  2. This was wonderful. I love poetry, and while you have some room to grow here, I think this poem was a great expression of you! The words you choose and how you use them is unique to you, always so vivid and descriptive! No matter what you are writing about it COMPELS us to visualize and create pictures while we read. I love it! Keep going, I want to see where it takes you as well 😁.

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