His Perfect Woman

There he was, in front of me, both single for the first time. He stood there with my heart in his hands. He didn’t know that he had held it hostage for uncountable years. He stole it the moment our eyes met and my heart seized in my chest. My skin flashed warm as an invisible energy connected us. That was the day I started believing in love at first sight, soulmates, and all the mushy crap I saw in movies.

He was visibly affected, too. His eyes devoured mine. They didn’t roam all over my body, they dug into me as if he was trying to unlock all the secrets of my soul. I had him in a trance as he instantly had a hold on me.

We spent a lot of time together, becoming best friends. I knew he loved me, because it was hard for him to hide it. He always slipped and hinted at it. I was better at keeping my secret. A secret love that was deep. So deep, he couldn’t even fathom the depths. We were two silent lovers, aching to be together, but unable to. 

He became single first, and I was his standard. I was the epitome of his perfect woman, and I relished in it, loved it even. He could never give his all to another woman, because to him, I was perfect and could do no wrong. Nobody could match my perfection, and honestly, nobody could match his either, but the stars never aligned for us. The universe never shined favorably our way. God never allowed our perfect union.

Until now. We were both single and he was there, staring at his perfect woman. Perfect. The woman that nobody could match. Nobody could live up to his idea of me. Not even… me. I wasn’t perfect. How could I live up to the image he molded of me? The woman who he set above all? I never doubted myself in any facet of life, but he made me doubt. What if, all this time, I portrayed something I wasn’t? I couldn’t disappoint him. I couldn’t be another, in a line of women, that hurt him. He was too precious to me. Too valuable. I loved him too much.

Ever since we met, he had given his all to me, despite our past significant others. Finally, we could explore the wonders we have both wanted, both dreamed of, but I paused. Can we risk losing what we have, to chase the stars? Can I leap off the cliff that has held me so secure, and plunge into the air of uncertainty? 

Our eyes met again, as they have so many times over the years, and I knew the answer. I backed away from the cliff of love. Backed away from the wonders that could be, and then I sprinted and leapt into the air, flying securely in his winds of romance.

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