Chains of Society

I had no need for enemies, my enemy was my inner me.

My sublime memory of things that I did to me.

Cutting off my divine energy and killing my self-esteem.

I downed myself mentally and hated myself physically.

Simply, because society molded me into what I should be.

Instead of me holding myself to a higher degree.

Or aspire to be greater than what they could possibly see.

I was created by the Supreme Being with deeper folds within me.

Carefully crafted to succeed, he gave me a seed.

Instilled deep inside to provide stories for a release.

Vivid imagery to breed an escape from society’s greed.

You need to see that you can achieve any of your dreams.

Please believe you can leap to new realities.

The world doesn’t want you to see all your possibilities.

It makes you think your life has no validity.

Society is a disease that won’t let you breathe.

You’ll never be free under its extensive reach.

It kills your dreams and infects your seeds.

Brainwashing through deceit all for its greed.

You see, it will teach and preach, but it’s sly and wise.

It knows how to hide its lies.

Disguised behind the pressure of societal likes.

Despite your inner light, it makes you lose sight.

You despise yourself cause you don’t have designer belts.

You begin to think social media is wealth.

So that’s how you gauge yourself.

You network “likes” to build your self-worth.

When your self’s worth is valued more for your mind’s work

And more than your net worth.

It’s time we break ourselves from society’s mess.

And lessen depression due to less stress.

Our flesh is weaker than it seems.

But the mind’s stronger than you think.

All you need to do is… believe.

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