It Is I, Micah!

“Greetings! Micah here, you know, the main character Nick created for his Zanthia series? The one he put through heartbreak and pain, and battles so ridiculous that you had to read them to believe them? Aye, that Micah. I finally figured out how to work this weird, what did they call it? Akyri! What did they say this contraption was?”

“A laptop, my love!”

“Right! So, I figured out how to work this laptap—“


“Laptop! Sorry! Anyways, back to you guys. I’m just here to tell on Nick, the very being who created me. You see, he should be writing right now, but instead, he’s ignoring us characters that he’s created. I mean, it’s been months since I lopped off the head of a Krazul! If you see or talk to him, tell him to get back to writing our stories! It’s getting boring just sitting around in his head!”

“To my creator, since you have laden me with many titles, I have one for you! How does Nick, the Lazy One sound? I think it fits perfectly. Actually, Tristan thought it up, and if you don’t get to writing, I’m going to teach him how to work this loptop!”


“Stop eavesdropping on me, Akyri!”

“What was that, dear? Did you just yell at me?”

“Um, I gotta go, I just heard my wife unsheathe her swords, but remember my words next time you see the Lazy One. Tell him to get back to writing, and if you don’t hear from me again… Akyri did it!”

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