I love you,

Not because of your exquisitely unique beauty, but because you embody everything I’ve been searching for. Everything I want and need. I cherish you more than anything in this world. Maybe… even life itself. Why do you fit so perfectly within my bliss? Bound so intricately into my elation? It drives me crazy.

I love you,

Because your eyes strum the strings of my heartbeat when they meet mine, and your touch sends goosebumps rippling throughout my body. Your voice, so melodic and soothing, puts me in a spell with every word uttered, and your smile makes even the stars envious.

I love you,

With a bottomless limit. As deep as the cavernous oceans. No, as vast as the spiraling galaxy. No… as infinite as the universe itself. My love for you cannot be counted, like the sands of a beach or the blades of grass on a rolling hill. It will always be there for you waiting for you to love it back.

9 thoughts on “You

  1. Epic! It’s awesome.

    You should title it “You” since that is the only thing referenced in the poem 😁. It’s like a play on the word. You love ‘You’ through the whole poem, and describe how ‘You’ makes you feel. So why not just call it “You”?

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