Neglected Kings

I felt her hand graze my back as she readjusted her body. For a moment, a quick moment that left as fast as it came, I thought that she would wrap her arms around me. Make me feel safe and secure as I do her. Safe from a world that hunts and kills us. Secure of the notion that I was doing everything a man should do for us to succeed in this harsh world.

I was wrong. She was only getting more comfortable and I was still alone. My hurt and pain ignored. My stress not noticed. A king who’s queen only cared about his strengths, but never his weaknesses.

I let the thought pass, because men are not suppose to show emotion. Only toughness. Perseverance. Society taught us emotions showed vulnerability, and vulnerability was weakness. So, I went to sleep, and knew once my eyes opened again, my steely resolve would be at the forefront.

4 thoughts on “Neglected Kings

  1. NOW YOU KNOW I begged for you to turn this into an actual STORY! I STILL think you should turn it into a story, even a short story will do! The setup of this….the implications of the world setting….what this could develop into….the POTENTIAL man!! I get goosebumps every time I read this! 😁

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  2. I can definitely identity with this. I will have to agree with your sister, it should be a story. This is definitely my favorite of the works that you have shared (this does not include your book, re-reading that for the 2nd time).

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