The Watcher Series II

Pt. I

I watch as the man I took everything from, withers into depression as I leave him behind. He believes that love conquers all. He lived in a fairytale.

I watch as he thinks he will never be happy again, because I made him believe I was the only one he needed. His soulmate. Another myth.

I watch as his self-esteem shatters when he starts blaming my leaving on himself. The truth is, we never cared for each other. Love is superficial.

I watch as he hides from the world around him and hides in self-pity as he aches from the emotional heartbreak I caused.

I watch as he becomes nothing. A void. An empty husk with nothing to hold on to except the memories of me.

I watch and laugh, because he believed in love, when love doesn’t exist.

Pt. II

I watch as the man I destroyed, breaks the mental hold I have on him. I can no longer string him along to use whenever I want to.

I watch as he crawls our of the dark hole I threw him in. He cast off the misery and despair I introduced him to and builds himself back up mentally.

I watch as he finds another woman and foolishly calls her his soulmate. She will do the sam to him as I did. 

I watch as their love flourishes, but I know its demise is inevitable. Love is unsustainable, but he still believes in myths and fairytales.

I watch, shocked, as their love endures all obstacles that tear a couple apart. Even when I tell him I want him back. Their bond remains strong.

I watch and start to wonder if love really exists.


I watch as the man I had broken, proves me wrong. Love overcomes, love can outlast, Love is real. 

I watch as the realization of my ways settles within me. The pain, the hurt I caused. I am the broken one. My heart never knew love, so I could never accept it.

I watch as she treats him how I should have. They are honest with each other. They uplift one another. They are faithful. They are one. 

I watch, and it is a beautiful thing to see. Loneliness sinks its claws in me because I know I missed out on something wonderful.

So I continue to watch and learn, because I now know that love really does exist.

Sometimes the most important lessons come from the mistakes we make. Feel free to share/reblog this and leave a like and comment if you felt this!

For the beginning fo the story, click the link below! “The Watcher pt.I-III”

4 thoughts on “The Watcher Series II

  1. Wow. So I was reading and loving where it was going. But hasn’t read the first one. When I did, it made me enjoy this one even more. Both series are on point. Nice work sir.

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