The Watcher Series III

Pt. I

I watch as the woman I love takes me for granted. She toys with my heart as if I have no feelings She does not believe in love.

I watch as her actions become hurtful. She withdraws from me. No romance, no affection, not even a kiss. She thinks I’m a fool.

I watch as she rejects my love. A love that would have been unconditional. A love she had never witnessed.

I watch hoping she will see the truth. She that love does exist. But she leaves, and in her wake, I am broken.

I watch and I wonder if love truly exists.

Pt. II

I watch my former love entertain other men. I am no longer a thought to her. A former fling to string along at her convince.

I watch then I withdraw from the world to heal my emotional scars. My broken spirit. I let go of the past and focus on the future.

I watch as she comes to my rescue. Not the one that destroyed me, the one that has always been there. Always loved me.

I watch as sparks fly, connections bloom, and soon our aura’s become one. I hope that she is the one that I’ve been looking for.

I watch and wonder if this is what love is.


I watch as our love becomes unbreakable. It is a love I, myself had never felt before. It’s caring, nurturing, and warm. It is unfathomable.

I watch as we realize we are soulmates. We both had to grow before we became one. Experience 

the highs and lows of life before we could come together and find bliss.

I watch as my former love realizes her mistake, but I hold no resentment because, without her, I would never have gotten to where I am.

I watch my beautiful life unfold. Love reciprocated and multiplied. A true life partner.

I watch and I know this is what love truly is.

This is most likely the final installment in this short series. If you haven’t read the first two, the links are below!

The Watcher pt. I-III

The Watcher Series II

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