The Train pt. 1

It was the fifth day in a row that I had sat by him on the train, and he still hadn’t spoken to me. He continued to drive me crazy with his inaction. We didn’t know each other, but there was a tension between us. It was light, yet heavy, and our body language was familiar, yet foreign. Did he not understand how great we could be together? The potential our energies displayed? It was a feeling so powerful that I couldn’t deny it. Did he not feel it, too?

The train shot out of the tunnel and hit the corner hard, just as it did every day. I let the momentum carry me, and I “accidentally” bumped into him. For the brief moment we were close, I savored the scent of his cologne. Our eyes met and I smiled despite myself as my stomach fluttered. There was something about his eyes… So deep and alluring.

But, he was shy. His smile was hesitant and his eyes moved away from mine too fast. I giggled an apology and tucked a coil of hair behind my ear. I didn’t understand, he seemed so confident, so self-assured the other day when Miss Googly Eyes drooled all over him as she tried to get his number. Maybe, it was me, and he wasn’t as into me as I thought. Then, I remembered him glancing at my reflection in the window and dismissed the notion.

He will speak tomorrow. If not, then, maybe I’ll speak to him. It isn’t desperate when a connection feels so perfect. I wouldn’t be stooping to Miss Googly Eyes level… would I? I’ll wait, but I won’t wait forever.

Have you ever found out that someone liked you in the past, they were right under your nose, and you had no idea? Let me know in the comment section, and as always, feel free to like, or share/reblog.

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