Your Hate

I don’t know who I am because of your hate. Only a few hundred years of my lineage can be traced. My great nation has been raped. My heritage, erased and replaced in exchange for slavery and chains.

My psyche was shattered through constant physical abuse, and all the hurtful, racial slurs you spewed. I was degraded, humiliated, wrongly accused. But if I can survive the beating, water hose, and the noose, then I can overcome that too.

I rose up as freedom rings, cultivating new paths, following awoken dreams. Yet, you still held me back, because of your fear of me. You are too blind to see that all I wanted was peace. So, you alienated me through segregation and called it free.

When you flooded me with alcohol, drugs and guns, it tore apart my families, you know what it’s done. It pitted mothers against fathers, but the main ones suffering were my daughters and sons. You caused the struggle, something I still haven’t overcome.

I broke free again, and slowly began to rise, just to watch you steal my things, my cultural ties. The very things you took, my music, voice, all of my styles, you degraded me for, further perpetuating your lies.

Now you murder me in the streets, dead, gone, deceased. Fear running through me, when safety is all I seek. My history reeks of genocide to fuel your greed. Now, daily your killing my seed. How many times do I have to plead for equality? How many times do I have to plead… just to breathe?

Racism is real and it is our job to continue to bring it to light. Thank you, to the ones that support the movement.

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