Fragmented Soul pt. 2

I walked inside his fragmented soul, searching for who he used to be. He is lost in a deep abyss after he let her break him down to nothing. She stripped him of his identity. He is shattered, broken.  His soul… unrecognizable.

I went deeper into his soul, shocked by all the devastation she caused. Tears clung to my cheek as I realized how damaged he really was. Not only had his soul cracked, but his spirit was in pieces.

How could he allow this? How could he let her wreak such havoc? I gathered the orbs consisting of his spirit, and peered into each one. Memories of his former self danced into my mind. His smile, his laugh, his witty jokes. His charisma, his selflessness, his love.

A voice called out to me, washing the memories away.

“What are you doing here?”

There he was, the one I had to save. He looked weary and defeated. His voice was tired and hollow. I quickly wiped away my tears and smiled at him. I had to be strong for him, regardless of how much my heart was breaking. I told him I was going to help him, and that I would always be there.

I sat him down in front of his broken spirit, told him what each piece was, and why he needed them. I told him the world needed the “real” him back, but secretly, it was me. I needed him back, and only I could heal him. Only I could save him, because:

I knew him intimately, not physically, but spiritually and mentally.

I knew the depths of his aura and the songs of his soul.

I knew the anguish of his heart and the sins of his past.

I knew the range of his emotions and the brilliance of his essence.

I knew him like no other could. Intimately. I needed him to come back. I needed him to come back to me. So, I worked diligently to resurrect his fragmented soul, healing all the pieces she broke within him. I made him whole again, because I knew who he was, and what he was meant to be. I loved him unconditionally.

Fragmented Soul has been my most popular post, and personally, my second favorite (‘Arguments of Love’ being number one). I always wanted to write a version from the other person’s perspective but I felt I wouldn’t be able to “live up” to the first one. But, I went ahead and finally wrote it. Hope you enjoyed it and let me know what you think in the comment. Also, drop a like/share if you feel inclined. Enjoy your weekend! Link to the first one below.

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