On The Road To Charlotte

On the Road to Charlotte, I admired your beauty. The only girl that didn’t know I existed. I used to wonder how you always seemed so flawless. How your eyes shone like stars at twilight, and your smooth skin seemed so pristine. You were even beautiful in uniform. The epitome of elegance.

On the road to Charlotte, we became friends, but I still admired you from a distance. I began to slowly woo you with jokes and a charm you never witnessed before. While your spell had completely ensnared me, I was weaving one of my own around you. You were definitely out of my league, but I was enigmatic, I intrigued you.

On the road to Charlotte, you kissed me, and you finally became mine. You expanded me mentally, introducing me to new ways of thinking. You connected to me emotionally, teaching me new ways to feel. You enlightened me physically, showing me new heights of passion. We built each other up, and never tore each other down.

On the road the Charlotte, I fell in love with you. I looked at you as my life being complete, but I was only a stepping stone in your journey to find yourself. I thought our love would grow eternally, but it fizzled and I lost you. Sometimes distance makes the heart colder, not fonder. Nevertheless, what we had was special and I’ll never forget the lessons I learned on the road to Charlotte.

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