The Train pt. 2

The lights lining the tunnel flashed into the train, giving me momentary glimpses of her beautiful reflection. Did she know how gorgeous she was? How the yellows, oranges, and pinks, cascading across the skies at sunset could not compare to her? The finest arts and melodies were all outshined by her. She was simply breathtaking.

For the past four days I’ve tried to find the right words to say. The perfect moment to speak. Would the fifth day be the day I found the courage to start a conversation? Begin an epic love story only found in movies? I cold tell that she was no ordinary woman. There was a vibe she gave off, an aura that surrounded her. In a world full of fake people, she seemed authentic, just like me.

The train jostled at a turn, and she bumped into me. Our eyes locked and I was mesmerized. So enthralled with her that I had to look away, because her stare was bold, unflinching, mind reading. She saw right through me. She knew the sight of her was the best part of my day. Sitting by her, transfixed on her reflection in the window, our spirits silently danced to an archaic love we could not understand.

Did she feel the same way? I had to know and I couldn’t wait any longer. I couldn’t continue to deprive us of something so… epic. I looked at her again, her eyes were already on me, and I said,


She smiled at me, “Took you long enough.”

In that moment, I knew this was the start of something beautiful.

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