A Poem for Lovers

Dreams realized lucidly, fluidly weaving words that promote our unity.

You and me, foolishly tempted fate beautifully.

It’s lunacy the language of love we spoke so fluently.

Truthfully, you love amazingly.

Brazenly making me go crazy, innately thriving in my cravings.

Waiting to be in your presence and explore all your aesthetics.

Unlock your spirits message and reap your deepest blessings.

I’ve witnessed our heartbeats combining, experienced our aura’s intertwining, all by God’s designing.

We are lightning, outshining every other source of lighting.

Trying to attain a higher form of vibing, and finding a love that bloomed so brightly.

Despite thee unsightly spite of life wrapped around us so tightly.

We might be the perfect union of all time.

Adam and Eve, minus the tree, because the seed of knowledge was given freely.

We accepted it and found a deeper meaning, seemingly wrapped in the seams of the message discretely.

It said we are on a quest to question the validity of what society says is the best, and put the lies to rest.

Because our love doesn’t have to be like the rest.

We made it through the test.

Beating all the stress, because our dreams are blessed.

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