Higher Loving

When reality flees, I’m weaving serene dreams.

Meeting under beautiful trees with sweet autumn leaves.

These vivid scenes of you and me,

Blindly courting love finally,

Finally exploring love blindly.

Finding a higher realm for our souls intertwining.

Trying to leave the physical pain.

Escape the rain and dismay.

The figurative grave of decay.

As we cross astral planes.

Realizing how strange our brains behaved when we began to think in new ways.

We change when we get away from societies drain.

Draining our goals and gaining our souls until nothing remains.

It’s a shame, love doesn’t live in the world today.

You must elevate to a place that’s safe with haste.

Escape with your mate or the love will waste away.

We took that course of action.

Now we’re riding a carousel of passion.

Fighting against unparalleled attraction.

Like a magical reaction from a love spells actions.

Matching’ energies like similes.

Remembering a time when laughing couldn’t be.

But we see reality was the real thief.

And now, we’re free, safe within our dreams.

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