A Dream Inside of Dreams

Last night, you were in my dreams, or maybe you were my dream. My dream inside my dreams. We laid on a cloud, staring in each other’s eyes, searching through each other’s souls, as we floated through a black void of time and space. Silence surrounded us as we drank in each other’s presence.

You were unordinarily special to me, inside and out. Beautiful, like a garden of roses, slowly swaying under a starlit sky, and your aura was inviting, ready to heal every wound that had been inflicted upon my heart. You were the epitome of my perfection.

You made me feel strong and mighty, like a famed warrior or a powerful king. I was invincible when I was with you, as we floated on the cloud, lazily drifting through the dark abyss. The feelings you gave me were truly indescribable as our spirits mingled. Feelings I never knew existed, never imaged to be real.

Your lips drew me in, inviting me to drink in them, and when we kissed, existence shot forth. Planets, moons, and stars birthed around us. Asteroid belts, comets, and quasars. Our love was the catalyst of this manifestation, as the universe expanded around us in varying hues of brilliant colors.

You looked around in wonder, and I told you that you were the most magnificent thing there. You shined brighter than the stars, you were more beautiful than the moons, and your passion blazed hotter than the suns. The very planets were envious of your exquisiteness. In my eyes, you stood above the very universe.

You grabbed my hand, our fingers interlocking, and you rested your head on my chest, as we weaved our way through our creation, on a soft cloud. Me and my dream within my dream.

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