Lightning & Thunder

Their love was a storm. An intimate perfection that nothing could withstand. It was powerful yet elegant, deadly but beautiful. It was archaic and chaotic, but also sweet and nourishing. At its core, their love was enigmatic.

She was lightning; bright and glorious, erratic, and unpredictable. Her love set his heart ablaze with each strike, and her electric vibe stimulated his mind. People stared at her beauty as she flashed in front of their eyes.

He was the thunder; loud, proud, and mighty. His declarations of love boomed through the sky and shook the very earth. When she dazzled, he roared. They were a magnificent mix.

When they were together, the very heavens lamented. The air crackled with anticipation. Animals fled and birds took shelter. A sizzle ran through the very fabric of nature. Some people yelled angrily, and others danced out in the open with joy. Children splashed and played under their beautiful display.

Their love was a force created by God. Perfect and intend. It evolved and adapted, weaving throughout the world for all to see, for all to love or hate.

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