Archotic’s Might

Dirt crept into my mouth with every sharp gasp I took. Blood was everywhere, flowing freely from my broken nose, from the wound on my chest caused by a slash from a sword, and another on my shoulder.

“You forgot who you are.”

Her voice floated through me as my thigh throbbed from an arrow embedded in it. Two more protruded from my back. I gritted my teeth, and despite how depleted my energies were, I tried to stand. It was a failed attempt.

“You forgot who you are.”

How did I, Archotic, the one who had wrought such evil, such destruction, let these invaders come and ravage my home? The lands that I have sought to conquer for my very own?

“You forgot who you are.”

Sentry ran into my vision. My nemesis. The one who had opposed me all those years. The one who constantly defeated me. His sword was slick with blood and danced among our enemies. His grace, his bravery, and power where on full display, but even he could not overcome these odds. The incoming army was massive.

“You forgot who you are.”

My love’s words. The one that was taken from me, leading my life down a tunnel of hate and anger. A life of a villain. The hurt, the pain of her loss, it drove me mad. Drove me to my evil extremes. Now, as I lay here dying, I realize my anger had led me nowhere.

“You forgot who you are. You are mighty.”

She was right. I was mighty. No, I am mighty! How could I lay here and await death, while they come here to slaughter, maim, and pillage? How dare they kidnap these people to force them into slavery and bondage.

“Who are you?”

I am anger. I am rage, fear, and death. Reapers flee from me. Demons cower in fear. I am the nightmare of monsters. My name is only spoken in whispers. I evoke fright in all who’s eyes fall upon me.

“Who are you?”

I gritted my teeth and stood, ignoring the pain running through my body. I remove my restrictive armor, snapped the back end of the arrow in my thigh off. I picked up my sword and eyed the main contingent of the enemy army.

“Who are you?”

“I am Archotic!” I bellowed. “And I’ll be your end!” Fire emanated from the corners of my eyes, as my grip tightened around the hilt of my sword. I felt Sentry’s eyes upon me as I summoned the last of my strength. I had to do what I could to give him a chance to be victorious.

“Show them!”

I opened my mouth as the rest of my energies converged within me. My skin burned, my muscles began to fail, as I focused on the army in front of me. I drew in as much air as I could through my nose, then expunged everything within me. A torrent of fire shot out of my mouth, tearing into the army.

“Come to me, my love.”

I felt the point where I should have stopped, should have cut my energies off, but I kept going, not enough had perished yet. I felt my life force slip away as I dropped to my knees, my secret weapon scorching the invaders. The secret weapon I was going to use on… Sentry. I looked out as my vision began to fade, and I saw that I succeeded. Sentry would be able to prevail. It was time for me to reunite with my love. I closed my eyes with a smile upon my face, and I met her in eternity.

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