Words from my Editor

Words from the editor of my third book, Zanthia: Adonai’s War. I edited out the spoilers.

Well, well, well! First and foremost, I have to mention that Fantasy is my favorite genre. I love reading fantasy, playing fantasy games when time allows me to, watching fantasy movies. 

I always find it harder to give a good feedback than a bad one because authors tend to feel insecure and think that I may lie. However, please trust me that I. Loved. It! I loved the races you created, I loved how strong the characters were, and I mostly loved the fighting scenes and how incredibly well you described them. There was so much suspense, so many moments I thought (Edited spoiler out)

Even if this is the third book of the series, I could easily catch up and understand who is who and what is what because of the GREAT way you reminded and reinforced each character to which race they belong, and brought up so many events from the past. Congrats, this is great especially when you release the books in a slower rate. The readers tend to forget what happened and who the good/bad characters are, and your way of reminding throughout the book was fantastic!

Also, for the author words at the end. I understand that you want to try new genres but please, please, never forget this genre. You have an absolute talent at creating worlds, races, politics between them, wars, fighting scenes. (Edited spoiler out) Again this is subjective but I really see potential and there are so, so many series spread across 10-12 books that start from X, Y, Z characters and continue with their children and grand children. 

Zanthia: Adonai’s War will be released on September 22nd on paperback. E-book is already up for preorder on Amazon and iBooks. Catch up on the series and grab Zanthia and Zanthia: The Shadowed Army!

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