No Words

How many different ways can I write how deep my love for you is? How do you quantify a feeling when no words suffice? No words to describe the picture I’m trying to paint? No nouns or subjects can put a name to it. No adjective can describe it. No verbs can show it. Maybe even the word love doesn’t truly explain it.
If I said I love you eternally, would you really understand? Would that tell you that I would do anything for you? No matter the cost? I would break addictions and generational curses. Climb mountains and swim to the depths of the deepest oceans. I would journey to the very gates of Hades as Orpheus did to save Eurydice in the old epics and slay Cerberus on the way.
If I told you my soul weeps when we are apart, what would you think? Would you see that in your presence, I’m whole, and without you I’m hollow? Being around you fills my world with the brightest colors. Unbound joy and happiness erupt within me to the point of constant giddiness, yet at the same time, I am at my most content.
If I told you I loved you unconditionally, would you see how deep my love for you goes? Would you believe I loved everything about you? Even the things you don’t? Not just your triumphs and successes, or your beauty and personality. I love your failures, your flaws because they were an intricate part of molding you into the person you are.
There is nothing about you that I don’t love, and there are no more ways to tell you. The word love just isn’t enough. It’s only the metaphorical tip of the iceberg. My love for you goes beyond that. It truly can’t be described or explained. It goes beyond letters that form sound. I can’t vocalize how our souls meld together, or how our spirits dance to an unknown beat. I can’t express the way my heart leaps when I see you, or the feelings I get at your slightest touch. They are indescribable.
The only way you will ever see, is if we sat down, facing each other in a candlelit room filled with a quiet melody. You would have to look into my eyes. No, not just look but gaze as you would into a starry sky. The eyes tell everything. So, when you are ready, come get lost in my eyes and find a love that truly has no words.

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