To Vanquish A Bully

Today was the day I stood up to my bully. Now I’m on the cafeteria floor with a bloody nose. I was supposed to be victorious. Everybody in school was going to shower me with accolades and fashion epic songs of my great victory. Instead, I could only see out of one eye and a tooth felt loose.

I wondered where it all went wrong as I felt a sharp pain in my stomach from his size eleven shoe slamming into me. I remember walking into the cafeteria, getting a tray of food, and locking eyes with Kendall, the prettiest girl in school. Of course, I was too shy to ever find the courage to speak to her, so I turned away quickly. That was when Walker’s leg shot out in front of me.

Everything slowed down as I tripped. I saw my jungle juice slowly shooting out of its carton, my fries were flying in every direction, and my chicken sandwich disassembled itself in midair. I hit the ground hard and my knee exploded with pain. That was it, I had had enough. Like the heroes of old that I always read about, I rose and issued my challenge. That challenge brought me the worst pummeling in school history. One I’d never live down, that is, if I lived through it.

Laughter erupted around me as I curled into a ball as tight as I possibly could. It wasn’t fair. Didn’t the good guys always win? Weren’t they suppose to vanquish the bad guy? Maybe I’ve been reading too many comic books and fantasy novels. I wasn’t sure, but when my Dad told me to stand up for myself, I didn’t think he had this in mind.

Finally, the blows abated, and the taunts came. I was embarrassed, and my body was weak and hurt. All I wanted to do was disappear, but my Dad’s voice echoed in my mind. “You’re my son, and I raised you to stand up and take whatever gets thrown at you. Sometimes you win in life, and sometimes you lose. With both, do it with your head held high.”

I slowly stood and Walker’s eyes widened as I held my hands up and clenched my fists. An energy ran through me as he took a step back, clearly wondering how I could stand after a beating so fierce. What he didn’t know was that I could never let my father down, never give up. I glanced at Kendall, an approving smile on her face, and when I looked back at Walker, I spat blood onto the floor and said loudly, “Is that all you got?”

Walker backed away, terror in his eyes as the teachers ran to us. In the end, I earned my victory.

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