Immortal Lovers


“We were immortal. Our lives spanned longer than they could imagine. And they separated us. We were further apart than ever before, but the one thing they didn’t know was, we would destroy the entire world to get back to each other. We were there when Adonai birthed the world and dimensions. We fought the wars. We lived in peace. And we will endure this. I’m coming for you, moon of my sky.”

Deep in the dark tunnels of the city laid a prison. A special prison that housed a being that was forgotten, for he had sat in there for centuries. His keen ears picked up on the battle above him. Maybe this time, the city would fall and he would be freed. 

The prisoner was the first being created by Adonai to walk this world. Immortality, a gift from his Maker. He waited patiently as a door opened down the stone hall. A man appeared in front of him. One whose skin did not match the hue of this city.

“Who are you?” The soldier asked visibly put off by the purplish hue of prisoner’s skin, a stark contrast to his deep brown.

“Maximus,” was the simple reply the prisoner gave.

“Why are you imprisoned?”

Maximus took the soldier in for a moment before answering.

“I am immortal. You humans thought you could attain the same from my blood. They were foolish.”

“Immortal? That’s impossible.”

Maximus stuck his hand through the bars of his cell.

“Draw your blade and cut me.”

The soldier looked apprehensive.

“Be quick about it.”

The soldier pulled a small blade from his belt and slide the knife across Maximus’s hand. Blue blood pooled as the cut appeared. Maximus smiled as he used his other hand to wipe the blood away. The cut was gone.

“It is as I said. Immortal. Will you be the one to free me? Adonai’s first born? It will not go forgotten.”

“Uh… Well… Since we are taking this city, there is no point in you rotting away down here.”

“The keys,” Maximus said, pointing to the wall behind him.

The soldier grabbed the keys and tried each one until a clink resounded in the stone dungeon. Maximus stepped out of the cell that had barred him from his freedom for so long.

“Come with me,” the soldier said.

Maximus followed him to a door he knew led out into the world. A world he had not seen in a long time. He pushed the door open and stepped out into the open. He tasted the rich air and let it fill his lungs as chaos ensued around him. The war didn’t matter. The humans dying didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was finding her. The one they snatched away from him. He would kill them all if that’s what it took to find his wife. No matter how much blood he had to spill, he would find her.


“They learned our secret. They came for us when our guard was down. Stole us from the sweet comfort we embraced. Spilled our blood to try and attain our gift of immortality. I have to get back to him. Adonai, you’ve given me the strength. I will use it to get back to him. Please forgive me for the souls I send to you. For any mortal that stands between me and my love, will be torn asunder.”

Dusk sat in the mountains floating high above the sea. The mountains where the dragons roamed. She took in its beauty, wondering how the world had been reformed to what it now was. She had witnessed the world being remolded once before, after a war her children had waged amongst themselves. All it took was one wayward child to disrupt the harmony of a civilization. 

But, on that day, the past didn’t matter. Nothing of the world mattered to her. It had been like that for centuries. She only craved one thing. Her love, Maximus. It had been centuries since she had seen him.

The night replayed in her mind for the last three centuries. The night the humans came. The night they attacked them and separated them, driven by their thirst for immortality. Something only a few of this world held. Dragons perished of old age. As did the phoenix and ghyphons. Her children, while living extremely long lives, could not withstand the bite of death from age. But, Dusk and Maximus could. The firsts of all living things could.

A low growl, rumbled behind her, pulling her attention away from her thoughts. She stood and turned toward the sound.

“Leviathan, old friend,” she said as a dragon larger than any other in creation lumbered to her.

“You are still here?” His voice sounded in her mind.

“I am. There is no place I would rather be than here, by an old friend, except one. Maximus’ side.”

“You understand another lurks here. One that has spilled many atrocities against your children. One that had lost his way, but is now changed.”

“I know who you speak of. He is unimportant. There is only one thing that consumes me.”


“Yes, old friend. Maxi—“ 

A feeling came over Dusk. A feeling she had not felt in so long, it was almost foreign to her.

“What is it?” Leviathan asked.

“Maximus! He is above ground! I can feel him, west of here!”

“Then go, find your love. It is long overdue. Please, be gentle with the humans. They knew not what they did. Also, the original ones that were responsible for this are long dead.”

“I will go to my love. May Adonai have mercy on any that stand between us.”

Dusk stood, and without another word, she ran through the forest and when she reached the edge of the floating mountains, she jumped without hesitation. She jumped toward her love, toward her husband, toward the very thing that was ripped from her so long ago.

This is a story that has been needling my brain. Thoughts? Should I write it eventually? It would be held in the world of Zanthia. A world that I have already established but with some new characters. Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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