My Story

My story is my story, and nobody else’s. I’m an author. I have finally come to terms with that. The gripping terror of sharing my work with society will probably always clutch at my heart, but the inner me that is a lover of stories has to be heard.

I didn’t know I wanted to write books. It wasn’t even on my radar until that one fateful day at work. I just finished reading an Eric Jerome Dickey novel, one of his Gideon books, and I still had hours left in my shift and work was slow. Slow as in watching a snail race would have been more exciting. I grabbed a notepad and a pencil and started writing. That was it. No childhood dream of writing, no, “eureka” moment. I was bored and decided to write a story to pass time, but it instantly took control of me. By the end of my shift, I knew I wanted to write a whole book. 

I thought I was crazy. I mean… Where did this even come from? I did love to read, but write? I couldn’t do that, could I? School did a great job of pushing that way out of my mind. But I found something inside me. Something that I had no idea was there. A passion to tell stories. Looking back at my life now, I can follow the bread crumbs back to where it all started.

Häagen Dazs ice cream, KB Toys, and the room of comic. books. Weird combination right? The glue that held it all together was my father. At an early age, I had comic books in my hands. The wide array of powers, the stories, and art, the character depth. Huge words that made me sound them out and I still said them wrong. I pronounced omnipotent as “omni” and “potent” for the longest time! Don’t laugh, I was a kid! This is where I found my first love for reading. 

I remember the Saturday mornings when my sister and I would wake up early and head to a little room stuffed with boxes of comic books and we devoured them for hours. Literally hours. We were outside kids and we loved playing and running around, but we had to get our comic book fix first. Comics were thin books filled with word narcotics. I couldn’t get enough!

Where does the ice cream and KB Toys come in? Dad used to take me and my sister to KB Toys in South Park mall in Virginia, and let us pick out a toy. Growing up in the era of the best Saturday morning cartoons, I of course usually had to get a Ninja Turtle. Then, we would go to Häagen Dazs for ice cream. It may not seem like much but a good time between a father and his kids, but it’s important. My He-Man action figures, Raphael and Michelangelo, Voltron and G. I. Joe’s, these things ignited my creativity. Saturday morning cartoons, and comic books imprinted on me ideals about fantasy worlds and aliens, heroes, and villains. They became a part of me without me even knowing. They started me on a journey to appreciate other things. Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Wheel of Time, Dragon Ball Z. The list can go on. 

The things that we are introduced to at an early age helps mold us into what we are going to become. They molded me into someone that loved fantasy, loved make-believe. Someone that wanted to be immersed in the impossible. 

Life comes at you hard and fast. Before I knew it, I had grown up. Adulthood brought bills, debt, and societal stress. Relationship woes became a thing, and losing friends and family. Health issues crept up, politics, you know… life in general. I had lost my way. I didn’t read as much as I used to. I even stopped reading comics. Life just kind of gets in the way. 

One day my father handed me a book. This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti. I was back in the reading game. He introduced me to another amazing author, Ted Dekker, and a series called Left Behind. My best friend, who is more like a brother, gave me The Lord of The Rings and another friend introduced me to Eric Jerome Dickey. My wife, introduced me to Harry Potter when we first starting dating.

Needless to say, I took off back into my world of stories and they transported me away from the problems of the world. They gave me a release. It all led me here. I’m an author who wants to give you a release from life. An escape from stress and depression. I’ve fought my way into this business and I’m still a fledgling in it. I’ve released a fantasy trilogy and I created this website for poems and short stories. I haven’t posted in months, but I plan to rectify that.

 I still feel like I’m new to this. I’ve made mistakes, plenty of them, but I will only get better. So, this is a part of my story, and I hope you stick around for more. I am an author, a creator. I am Nicklous Adams II, but you can call me Nick. Until next time! Thank you for reading.

5 thoughts on “My Story

  1. O. M. G. If I hated reading, I would now try it; if I hated fantasy, I’d give it a shot; if I thought children reading comics was a waste of time, I would now shovel them into their little hands. This roadmap of your life’s inspiration is the most meaningful thing to me. How epic and beautiful. How effortlessly you lay it all out. I pray others read this and find the same inspiration. The world could use more great stories 😁.

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  2. I am amazed…. I feel totally blessed after reading the My Story by the Author Nicklous Adams. You see I am his father, and I can truly say the things he spoke of, I remember but as a father who was just doing something for my children who I thought deserved everything I could do for them. I did start them with comics at an early age while sitting on my lap sometimes tearing my comics, but I continued. Of course I have read his books about Zanthia. I read and study many books, non-fiction, and fiction. I have favorite authors and some books I read sometimes do not hold my interest. My favorite author is Tim Lahaye, especially his Left Behind series and also Frank Peretti. Not because he is my son, but because he is an author, I love his books and I sincerely hope he continues to write. I for one cannot wait for his next book. Soon, I hope.

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