The Watcher pt. I-III

Part I

I watch as he slowly dies in a lifeless relationship. A relationship with no heartbeat or soul. No passion or connectivity.

I watch as it drains his life force. It robs him of his will, steals his brilliant creativity, and his joyful spirit.

I watch as his very essence screams out for affection. To be cherished. To be wanted and heard.

I watch as he yearns for love. A higher form of love, with a sense of oneness. Two beings uniquely intertwined mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I watch as he lets her destroy everything great about him, only to cast him to the side once he is a shell of his former self.

I watch my soulmate. Powerless. For he thinks he is in love, when he does not know what love truly is.

Part II

I watch the heart of my soulmate break when she leaves him. He mistook her emotional abuse as love and became dependent on it. Addicted to it.

I watch as he withdraws from the world. Disconnected. Swallowed by pain and despair.

I watch as he questions his self-worth. Wondering why he is not good enough, when I know he deserves so much more.

I watch, waiting for the right time to attempt to fix him. He is another man broken by a woman. The same as the countless women destroyed by men.

I watch, surprised, as he picks himself up. Regaining his confidence. He is strong enough to collect the shattered pieces of his soul and mend it on his own.

I watch the smile come back. The charm. The wit. He becomes β€œhim” again.

I watch and wonder if he is ready to know what love truly is.

Part III

I watch as he notices me. Notices me as more that a friend. The one who has always been by his side.

I watch as he realizes what was always there. The spark. The connection. The need he always felt for my presence.

I watch as his feelings grow. As he understands the depths of our uniqueness. Our spirits unite and our energies converge into one. We are perfect.

I watch as our love blossoms like a stubborn flower out of the snow in the dead of winter. We outshine the dark, cold world.

I watch no longer. I enjoy our life as it was always meant to be. Two beautiful souls, mated for life in euphoric bliss. Because, he finally understands what love truly is.

6 thoughts on “The Watcher pt. I-III

  1. Bruh. I told you this was πŸ”₯ when I first read them on social media. Amazing. Looking forward to more of these.

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