Words Unsaid

Thoughts resting privately, quietly pining for each other silently.

She’s eyeing me invitingly, defiantly desiring me.

Trying to enlighten me by supplying me with divine lightning.

She’s inspiring, a higher being, but our love is dying violently.

Our secret fire of lying.

Trying to keep these feelings inside.

Because it will only lead to strife.

So we hide these adulterous love crimes

Losing the battle, hearing death rattle like suicides.

Her vibes make me senseless, yearning to be in her existence.

Loving each other from a distance.

A love only the Most High can witness.

Witness our sins, sentence us to hell cuz we’re no longer sinless.

Should we seek repentance?

Forgiveness as a Christian for indulging in these addictions?

Did I mention, these words were never mentioned.

Never exchanged or spoken.

They are lost between us, feelings never open.

Locked in a cage, never to be broken, but the needing is potent.

Like I drank a passionate potion brewed from the depths of her emotions

Notions, to throw caution to the wind and declare this love affair hidden within.

Rescind this silent vow of secrecy and yell it to the wind.

In the end, doesn’t love have to win?

First I wanna give a shout out to the one that let me use their dilemma as inspiration. As promised, I’ll keep you anonymous.

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