Condensation running down the mirror is a reflection of my eyes

Blurred vision but I see clearer through your deceit and lies

The pain you caused, then forced me to hide.

Smile, while dark shadows covered my blackened eyes.

And bruises lie underneath foundation piles.

I still feel your hand over my mouth, stifling my cries.

You made me despise the reflection in my sight.

Purple and red marks, marred the beauty inside.

A cocooned butterfly, who couldn’t bloom and fly. 

Too scared to try an escape your abusive pride.

Your huge ego wouldn’t let me go, no matter how hard I tried.

No matter how hard I’d fight, I still felt the bite

Of hands that used to lovingly hold me tight.

The shattered glass from the fight is a reflection of my spirit inside.

A soul fractured and scattered from terrified nights.

It was the demons that reside inside your vilified mind.

They made you lose sight and replace love with spite.

Now there’s splatters of blood on the rug from a body battered by slugs. 

What happened to the love you said was a drug.

The kisses and hugs, you couldn’t get enough.

The trust that you would protect me, respect me’s rebuffed.

Handcuffed, To a lover who was a thug undercover.

A lover who gave me hope then blew it asunder. 

I was a slave to your rage, a fate no one should suffer 

It’s a wonder how I was even able to recover

Never again will I be at the whims of another lover.

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